New Bern, North Carolina

Croatan Presbyterian Church

Wednesday, Jan. 10 – 7:30 PM – Presbyterian Women     
Thursday, Jan. 11 –  6:30 PM – Presbyterian Men

As we begin the new year, we begin a time of pledging for the Building Fund.  It is hoped that pledges will be made my members of the congregation totaling $33,000 over a three year period.  Letters will go out very soon with pledge cards to begin this program.  The foundation of the entire church building will be strengthened and the crawl spaces contained to eliminate moisture in this program.


Helpful information and links for our members:

January 2018

* Food emphasis for January: soups and stews.

* January birthdays: 4th-Sarah Potter Eason; 7th-Emioy Core7, Sue Johnson; 16th-Greg Golden; 19th-Nancy Zachewicz; 20th-Dottie Litchfield; 23rd-Dot Wynn; 28th-Otter Hardison; 30th-Phil Lassiter. 

* January anniversaries: 

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