New Bern, North Carolina

Croatan Presbyterian Church

Vacation Bible School: July 23-27, 2017. For all children, youth, and adults.

Support the Croatan Bucks Baseball Team! Here is their schedule:

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June 2017

* Food emphasis for June: instant rice/ramen noodles

* June birthdays: 5th-Lil Krcmar; 8th-Bonny Cates; 9th-Isabel Mott; 18th-Julie Hardison, Christ Harrison; 19th-Bob Andersen, Brian Gooch; 20th-Hunter Hardison; 21st-Jason Corey; 26th-Dare Oliver.

* June anniversaries: 14th-Jason/Emily Corey; 18th-Greg/Brenda Golden, Chris/Patti Harrison; 24th-Benny/Joanie Williams; 26th-Zan/Gin Monroe; 28th-Chris/Suzi Williams.

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